CS Tool Dongle v1.72 Crack + Setup Free 100% Working [2022]

CS Tool Dongle Crack 1.72 + Setup Download (MTK) Free Download

CS Tool Dongle Crack 2022

CS Tool Dongle 1.72 Crack is a brand-new Chinese mobile phone software that fixes everything. It is a fantastic tool for updating and repairing MKT mobile phone devices. People nowadays recognise MKT devices as the most convenient device. These devices occasionally fail to function due to a malfunction, and users are concerned about this. Now, CS Tool assists all users in understanding and resolving problems. MKT device freezes and stops working due to malware, but CS Tool Dongle Crack allows us to remove all viruses of any kind and restore them to working order. People are not machines; we all forget our phone’s template and password at some point.

Other issues, such as SIM lock, are resolved by CS Tool Crack Download. A handy tool for flashing smartphones via USB cable. CS Tool Latest Setup allows users to rewrite their phones’ IMEI. With CS Tool Dongle Crack, you can update your tablet to any version or series. You can easily understand Chinese phone firmware and read and write firmware for them. With the CS Tool Dongle, you can copy the firmware of any Chinese phone and install other devices. Put your phone back in place after easily formatting it.

What Is CS Tool Dongle Crack?

cs cleaner tool is a ground-breaking phone service solution that works with MTK and SPD-based devices. Flashing, repairing, unlocking phone codes, and a variety of other unique functions for servicing mobile devices are all available.

CS Tool Dongle Crack 1.72 + Setup Download (MTK) Full Tested

CS Tool Crack Download

CS Tool Crack is a Chinese phone security god who reads all of these devices’ hardware and software information. Using USB, you can read data from phones that are stuck on logos, broken phones, half-dead phones, and dead phones, and these cells are MTK compatible. IMEI1 and IMEI2 can be reset simultaneously using a USB cable. This allows us to recover data from the SD card that we lost in the accident. Organize all of your data. Transfer all of your data from the dead phone to the other device where CS Tool Latest Setup wants to save it.

CS Tool Crack (Dongle) Setup Download!

It is used by all CS Tool Dongle Crack companies to identify and solve all problems. These companies advise users to use it when they have factory, IMEI, pattern, or forgotten password issues, among other issues. Check all hardware and software applications on your devices as well. Assist users in completely resolving this mobile phone issue. Some users experience voice blocking issues, but they are easily resolved in a matter of minutes. It is a fully loaded minimal technology that can calculate other software. He reveals cell phones that are stuck on the battery and charger. All Qualcomm technology-based mobile phones are flashed and reset using the cs cleaner tool.

Key Features of CS Crack Dongle

CS Crack Dongle:

The cs cleaner tool can also easily understand Chinese phone firmware and read and compose firmware for them. With the CS Tool Dongle, you can copy the firmware of any Chinese phone and also introduce new devices. Customize your mobile phone quickly and easily.

Qualcomm-Based Phones:

Before programming blazing, Qualcomm based phones read all SMS and contact from dead and half-dead phones. Telephones for the organisation and factory default settings The majority of people go through all of the call logbooks from half or fully-dead phones. As a result, the reset all cell phones lock cs tool Chinese smartphone tool Compose and red streak up to 64 GB

SC Tool Apparatus

SC Tool Apparatus is an ISO9001-certified company with over 100 years of carbide-cutting tool industry experience. SC Tool, founded in 1990, is a cutting tool manufacturer and repair company. We offer CS Tool Latest Setup customers a one-of-a-kind combination of advanced materials, precise geometry, and high-quality coatings.

how to use the ps and cs tools in connect?

Click on the photo editor to open Photoshop elements, which are initially empty. Photos from any folder can be dragged and dropped. Alternatively, use the open button in the top left corner to search for these.

In China Mobile, CS tools are the best flasher tools. Huge CPU and support, China all android mobile country lock, privacy lock, and read patient lock This dongle supports both read and write flash.

Features SC Tool 1.72:

  • Write Flash & Write Flash
  • IMEI repair and management
  • Format, read, or reset the pattern lock
  • Network security and other options
  • Before the programme begins flashing, read all SMS and contacts from dead and half-dead phones.
  • Phone formatting and default settings
  • Half of all of the book dead phone conversations should be read.
  • Reset all cell phone or phone lock settings.
  • Up to 64 GB of flash memory can be written and read.
  • Area code reading and writing
  • Reset network filtering.
  • EMEI should be repaired.

Features for Qualcomm MSM:

  • All Android reading information and reading capabilities have been added.
  • Read Firmware and Write Factory Firmware
  • Read the password and pattern, as well as reset the password and pattern
  • Reset the File System and the User Lock
  • Examine your call history, contact book, and phone book.

What’s New?

  • CPU support has been added.
  • Snapdragon 652 Qualcomm MSM8976
  • Qualcomm Image/Flash Customization CS Tool Latest Setup
  • Any Partition can be selected and deselected.
  • Download Mode for Qualcomm eMMC Storage
  • Firehorse Protocol has been updated for Lenovo, Vivo, and Oppo devices.

SC tool support for Qualcomm MSM CPUs:

  • MSM 8X10 SnapDragon 200, MSM 8X12 SnapDragon 200 Qualcomm
  • SnapDragon 210 MSM 8909, SnapDragon 410 MSM 8916
  • MSM 8929 SnapDragon 415, MSM 8917 SnapDragon 425 Qualcomm
  • SnapDragon 610 MSM 8936, SnapDragon 615 MSM 8939

Supported CPUs: For Internal Storage

  • All Files: Easily browse all given files through a tree view.
  • Privacy: Export any audio or video file and image
  • All files: Export APK through an easy tab
  • System: Export images, system images also video and audio files
  • All files: Easy to archive zip files


  • Improve the bug reporting, Read Flash brand and Write Flash Engine
  • Add Write flash factory files for inactivated phones
  • CS Tool Latest Setup added unlimited Flash IDs

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Media Manager/Android File:

  • Storage on the inside
  • Qualcomm MSM 8X12, 8X10, 8939, 8917, and 8909 stable processors
  • Export any image, sound, or video document for protection.
  • APK export for all documents is done through a simple tab.
  • Frame: Exports images, frame images, as well as video and audio files.
  • Compression recordings can be easily archived.
  • Improved error reporting, reading of Flash branding
  • Writing strip processing plant documents for unused phones is one example.
  • It came with an unlimited number of Flash IDs.

Cell Phones on SPD Technology:

  • Most recent models:
  • SC6530 (all highlights and administrations)
  • Old models:
  • SC6600D, SC6600M, SC6600R, SC6600I, SC6600H, SC6800, SC6600L,
  • SC8800D, SC6610, C8800G, SC6800H

Most Supported CPU:

  • Qualcomm MSM 8X12 – SnapDragon 200
  • Qualcomm MSM 8909 – SnapDragon 210
  • Qualcomm MSM 8916 – SnapDragon 410
  • Qualcomm MSM 8929 – SnapDragon 415
  • Qualcomm MSM 8917 – SnapDragon 425
  • Qualcomm MSM 8936 – SnapDragon 610
  • Qualcomm MSM 8939 – SnapDragon 615
  • Qualcomm MSM 8976 – Snapdragon 652

How To Crack/Install CS Tool Crack Setup?

  • First, familiarise yourself with the CS tool.
  • Load your settings after reading the entire article.
  • Install the driver and then run the setup.
  • Then duplicate the charger and key.
  • Copy it and paste it into the installation folder.
  • Finally, press the Enter key to finish the installation.
  • The tool has been installed and is ready to use.
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