ElectraX VST 3.0.1 Crack 2023 & Torrent Download [Mac & Wind]

Tone2- ElectraX VST Crack 2023 & Torrent Download [Mac & Win]

Electra X 3.0.1 Crack music is a good way to open yourself up, give free rein or just create a foundation for creativity, but the problem arises that the professional tools needed to make it productive are sometimes too expensive to devote so much time to it. … For example, synthesizers, reasonable models with maximum fundamental characteristics. In addition, Tone 2 released the Electra X Keygen, one of the latest digital synthesizers to be used as a standalone program or as a plug-in that includes many inclusive programs.

Electra X 2.9 Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest Version 2021]

Thus, Electra X Torrent replaces all the familiar requirements and features that other synthesizers have. This software has a high-quality sound engine with support for options. And a wide range of functions for making music. It includes four synthesizers in one instrument, for example, to explore the musical capabilities of multiple synthesizing oscillators, analog modeled filters, chaotic fractals, psychoacoustic processing, elastic modulation, and a huge sonic range. All four levels are done with a 3-band EQ and master effects processor to get the latest result for your hosting software.

Electra X Crack + Keygen 100% Works Free Download 2023

However, the Electra X license key is the most important synthesizer in the audio production market. It gives you some really great new sounds. However, it’s easy to use, allowing beginners to create sounds and allowing experts to delve into sound design as much as they want. The Electra X patch is of high quality and has several features. In addition, the current features in version 2.9 include a recorder, and the BPM rate can be changed. Added smooth clipping algorithm with less harmonic distortion. However, professional sound engineers provide immediate access to an incredible collection of large sound libraries. Finding the sound you want is easy.


The Electra X Keygen is a layered architecture that has the ability to access four synthesizers in one interface. The four levels are independent of each other and contain up to 18 oscillators per voice. Plus, you can edit your sounds layer by layer, or edit multiple layers at the same time. Different layers are combined, mix different types of synths are, apply split keyboard and different playback modes such as Poly, Mono, Legato, or Glide for each synth layer. In addition, it also purifies unheard-of auditory capabilities through its fractal synthesis.


In addition, each synthesizer’s filter section consists of two multimode filters with 23 unique configurable filter types. The range of filter types includes Moog-prescribed analog low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass filters, as well as high-precision digital filters such as vocal filters, phase shifters, aliases, fractals, equalizers, and comb filters. Many filters are exclusive to Tone2 and are not available in any other product. The Electra X Plugin Free filter section consists of two screens that display the filter’s frequency response in real time. However, the filter affects the audio signal, making it easier to understand. The double distortion block offers six different modes, ranging from analog preamp distortion, fuzzbox distortion, and waveform.


Excellent time and effort spent on key standard Electra X 2 features. Thus, the Electra X insert effects section includes 18 high-quality effect processors and great melodies such as Delay, Multitap Delay, Ensemble, Smart-unison, Trancegate, Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser. In addition, it includes a vocoder, audio encoder, vibrato, rotary, equalizer, distortion, amp simulation, and high-level reverb. The Electra X Torrent also features intelligent micro-tuning that will be used for the clearer sounding of chords. The extra beat and psychoacoustic characteristics also add to its sound.


The Electra X plugin functions also have a modulation section. However, it allows for both powerful and high-speed sound. Modulation has resulted in high-quality LFOs that can be synced to the BPM of your track. The LFO will be used to set up rhythm sequences or custom waveforms. In this way, using a flexible modulation matrix, we can test the ideal sound. It is easy to use and offers an instant overview of active modulations.


This section is used to create and play arpeggios. ElectraX layered systems can operate with four functional synthesizers with four arpeggiators. Thus, it allows you to create as simple

Key features of 2023:

  • There are four synthesizers in one interface.
  • It has high sound quality.
  • It is very flexible
  • Low CPU usage
  • There are 13 different combined synthesis methods.
  • Has free support and updates.
  • Psychoacoustic treatment
  • Wide sound range
  • Support for multi-core processors
  • However, it is easy to use.
  • 4x multitimbral
  • 4x stereo unison
  • There are 23 kinds of exclusive filters.
  • 45 types of oscillators
  • 64 types of effects
  • Have over 1000 signals
  • 64 × 4 votes
  • Midi training
  • Real-time display
  • Dragging modulation
  • Enhance
  • Provides sample in WAV format and size
  • Standalone PC version
  • Flexible preset management
  • Context-sensitive help
  • 3000 sounds in 1369 preset from a professional sound engineer

Synthesis methods and characteristics of OSC FM:

  • Wavetables
  • Resynthesis function and the ability to download your own signals
  • Physics simulation
  • Phase distortion
  • Waveform
  • Oscillator types
  • PWM
  • Smooth sync and tight sync
  • Noise
  • Call mode
  • Voice scrambler
  • Fat adjustment
  • Has up to 18 detuned oscillators per voice

23 exclusive filter types:

  • 9 analog simulated self-oscillating filters
  • Can be a low pass / high pass/band pass
  • 12dB / 18dB / 24dB, Ladder, Oil, FM Filter
  • High-precision digital filters
  • Equalizers: Low Shelf, High Shelf, Peak, Wide
  • Fractal filters
  • Physics modeling strings
  • Special types: Phaser, Comb +, Comb-, Voice, Vocals2, Vocal AM, BP Boobs, Aliaser, Ring mod

18 kinds of warm sound effects

  • Delays: Delay, Delay Band, Ping pong, Multitap
  • Voice scrambler
  • Compressor, Amp Simulator, Equalizer, Trancegate, Surround Encoding
  • Reverb: Hall, Cathedral, Room
  • Ensemble, Flanger, Rotary, Chorus
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